What We can Do For You


Premium Consultation

  • Personalised relocation booklet

  • Zoom Consultation

  • On the ground support when you land

  • 1 guaranteed job interview

  • Accommodationassistance

  • Regional work assistance


Basic Consultation

  • Personalised relocation booklet

  • Zoom Consultation

  • On-the-ground support when you land


Job Package

  • Presentation of opportunities specific to your experience

  • CV workshop requirements for roles

  • Full analysis of entry

  • Guaranteed interview

  • Regional work asssistnace

Jobs search

Find out about our partners and the job opportunities we can offer you. We work with a diverse range of businesses across all fields. Our expert team can help find you the right job.

Accommodation assistance

Beat the long queues at apartment viewings and find out how to FastTrack your search for a new place.

24/7 support

Our agents are based in both Ireland and Australia meaning you have access to support both before you go and when you land.

Visa assessment

Find out which visas you may be eligible for and discover the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

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